Gliese 504

Reusable Face Cloth Masks - Dark Shades

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Night Blue
Mahogany Brown
Red Wine
Dark Taupe
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Item details

These cloth masks feature:

  • Two layers of fabric and filter pocket (three layers) and elasticated ear loops; 
  • The fabric used has a high thread count (tighter weave);
  • Good coverage of the face, including chin and nose. The pattern is CDC approved;

This item is sustainably and ethically made in Melbourne, Australia from fashion brands production waste or deadstock.

Fabric Composition

  • Black: 100% Cotton, Mid-Weight
  • Night Blue: 100% Cotton, Mid-Weight
  • Mahogany Brown: 100%, Light-Weight
  • Wine: 100% Cotton, Mid-Weight 
  • Dark Taupe: 100% Cotton, Mid-Weight

How To Wear Them

Put them on by holding by the ear loops and hooking over the ears. Make sure you cover the nose and pull them down under the chin.

Cleaning & Storage Instructions

Cloth masks have the added advantage of not depleting stocks meant for health workers and can be re-used. You can wash them with soap and water or household detergents, or preferably in a washing machine (at 60℃). Put the mask somewhere isolated until you can wash it. 

After use carefully fold the mask so the contaminated outside is folded inward and against itself. Place in a bag, and perform hand hygiene. After wash place the masks in a clean paper or plastic bag.

Size Guide

Women & Teenagers: 17cm Length x 8cm Height. Nose to chin distance 13cm.

Man: 20cm Length x 9cm Height. Nose to chin distance 14.5cm.

They fit the most common filters like the PM2.5 which are 12cm Length x 8cm Height. 


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