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Remineralising Toothpowder (vegan)


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Just straight up toothpowder that does it’s job and does it well. No artificial sweetener, nothing even slightly synthetic and no unnecessary additives to make it taste better or foam like conventional toothpaste. 

You only need to use a tiny bit each time, so one little tin will last ages (2 months at least). You do get used to the saltiness pretty quickly. Don’t knock it before you try it!

To use simply wet the head of your toothbrush, dip into the powder, tap off and brush teeth as usual.

TIP: Doubles as an antibacterial mouth wash - just gargle before spitting out every time you brush your teeth for icy fresh breath and optimal mouth hygiene.

More information on ingredients can be found here.


  • $10 for deliveries within Australia (4-6 business days)
  • $20 for deliveries outside Australia (2-4 weeks)