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Radiate Inside & Out Gift Pack

$40.00 AUD

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Item details

  • Australian made
  • Locally sourced ingredients
  • 100% natural
  • Cruelty free
  • Handcrafted & made with love

Valued at $58.95, the Radiate Inside & Out Gift Pack includes:

  • 1x 100ml Magnesium Oil Spray
  • 1x 120ml Luna Shine Body Oil
  • 2 x 18g goat’s milk, honey, oat & turmeric handcrafted soap
  • 1x self care quote 

Magnesium oil may be helpful in the treatment of restless leg syndrome, muscular aches and pains, PMS symptoms and improve sleep quality. The multipurpose Luna Shine Body Oil can be used on the entire body from head to toe. Use it as a restorative hair treatment, under make up for a natural highlighter, massage oil or add a few drops to your bath water for a Queen bee moisturising soak. The handcrafted vegetable base soaps are the latest addition to the bee one of a kind range, made with natural ingredients including goat’s milk, oats and honey for their soothing and nourishing properties.

The Radiate Inside & Out Gift Pack comes packaged with sustainability in mind, thoughtfully and beautifully presented.

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About bee one of a kind

"No one else quite like you"
- Melissa Mendes - creator/skincare formulator/well-being advocate/loving mother

In a world that is forever progressing, ever changing, where faster is considered better and being busy has become a way of life, bee one of a kind hopes to offer women the opportunity to be at one. 

To be kind to ourselves and to others. 

A reminder that passion and heart can be bottled and preserved in every day. That handmade is not an old fashioned term. It’s about being down to earth. Remembering our roots; where we came from, where we are headed, the example we wish to lead and the footprint we leave behind to our children. 

​Bee one of a kind has a strong focus on sustainability and zero waste. Our packaging is predominately made using recycled glass materials and can be reused and recycled.