Mini Mask - Green Clay Mask
Mini Mask - Green Clay Mask
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Mini Mask - Green Clay Mask

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This Green Clay Mini Mask might be mini in size, but it packs a serious punch when it comes to improving your skin – because it is 100% active, beautiful, clean, ventilated French Clay, sourced and sundried in Argiletz France.

The Green Clay Mask, besides being a serious enemy to blackheads, acne, congested, milia and thickened skin. Doubles up as an overnight pimple popper!

No fillers, no binders – just active ingredients.

*Mix and match the mini masks to achieve beautiful glowing skin*

The masks are highly medicinal and come from an ancient clean mine, mined by a family who has been using French clay for medicinal purposes for many centuries.

Use with the Mask Mixing Brush and the Organic Muslin Face Cloth.

Please note – these masks are so pure they can stain face washers or muslin cloths – therefore best used with its own organic muslin cloth and kept together.


The Green French Clay Mask comes from Argiletz where they are ethically harvested from secret mines in France. They are conscious of their ecological footprint, so minimize the distance they travel between the mines and manufacturing plant.

They are sun-dried so that they keep all of their mineral content, plus this way they do not use any power – just that from the sun.

Green French Argiletz Clay - The Green Clay is rigorously selected and is extremely high in minerals. It can be used as a wet poultice on wounds, boils and infections.

How to use

Place 1/2 teaspoon of your chosen mask into a small glass or ceramic bowl.

Add small amounts of water to your clay mask till you like the consistency, then mix well.

Ideally, apply with your mask brush to your face, neck, décolletage and or hands – or you can also use your fingers.

Leave on for 10 minutes or until dry.

Remove with an organic muslin cloth or face washer and warm water.

Apply Everything Skin Cream or Everything Skin Oil or both!

Please note the masks are so pure they may stain your face washer or muslin cloth.