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Handbag Essentials Pack


Lip Balm Colour
Lip Balm Colour
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Don't get caught without these handbag must-haves.

In this pack you'll find:

1x Aussie Lip Balm (12ml). Naturally soothing, highly nourishing lip balm made from Australian macadamia oil and beeswax, in a 100% compostable push-up tube! For planet-friendly, petrolatum-free, luscious lips. Available in the following colours:

  • NATURAL - fragrance free balm
  • LEUCOTHEIA - for a light golden / tangerine shimmer
  • THALASSA - for a classic earthy brown tinted red lip
  • SCYLLA - for your darker side... a deep blood plum shimmery tint
  • SIREN - a sweetly seductive cool-toned rose / pink, w blackberry powder & mica

1x Body Beautiful Oil (100ml). The most luxe all over body oil packed with all kinds of 'skin food' such as macadamia and olive moisturising oils, native chamomile, cantaloupe and olive leaf extract, plus a little added touch of gold mica to reflect off skin giving you a very subtle goddess glow.

1x Water Resistant Mineral Zinc Cream (120ml). This 100% natural formula contains photo-reflective mineral zinc oxide from The Netherlands, and is also naturally very soothing to skin - making this cream excellent for both protecting skin and (if you're unlucky) post-sunburn treatment. As with all sunscreens, reapplication after swimming or excessive sweating is important for maximum efficacy, and wearing appropriate clothing and sunglasses is always a good idea, especially during peak UV times.

1x Heavy Duty Hand & Body Balm (60ml). Great for hard working hands in need of heavy duty repair. This multi-use balm works overtime on dry skin with certified organic extra virgin olive oil; super nourishing, antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory, as well as Aussie native macadamia oil, which has a chemical profile very similar to our skin's own sebum so is readily absorbed. With a rich, buttery consistency this is a balm that goes a long way and is hands down the best for repairing dry skin. Use as often as required on hands, body, face (just use a very teeny tiny amount) or to tame those fly-aways and frizziness of dry hair. Apply after showering/washing hands for best absorption.  

More information on ingredients can be found here.


  • $10 for deliveries within Australia (4-6 business days)
  • $20 for deliveries outside Australia (2-4 weeks)