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Bearded Blokes Pack

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Man-scaping is in. Do it right with this pack to get that skin and beard looking fine.

In this pack you'll find:

1x Beard Conditioning Tonic (50ml). Keep your beard feeling super soft and smelling lush, while encouraging growth by maintaining clean and healthy hair. With super nourishing avocado and macadamia oils as a conditioning base, both renowned in skin and hair care for their rich profile of essential fatty acids to help strengthen hair, this formula is also enriched with super nourishing avocado oil, hydrating cucumber extract, potent antioxidant olive leaf extract, and spiced up with a luscious smelling blend of native botanicals desert lime, kunzea and palmarosa. Makes a fantastic moisturiser for the face too!

To use simply apply a small amount to hands and massage into beard (and face). Apply daily for maximum stroke-ability.

1x Heavy Duty Hand & Body Balm (120ml). Great for hard working hands in need of heavy duty repair. This multi-use balm works overtime on dry skin with certified organic extra virgin olive oil; super nourishing, antioxidant-rich and anti-inflammatory, as well as Aussie native macadamia oil, which has a chemical profile very similar to our skin's own sebum so is readily absorbed. With a rich, buttery consistency this is a balm that goes a long way and is hands down the best for repairing dry skin.

Use as often as required on hands, body, face (just use a very teeny tiny amount) or to tame those fly-aways and frizziness of dry hair. Apply after showering/washing hands for best absorption.  

1x Antiperspirant Balm (70ml)The all-natural and vegan antiperspirant balm melts into the skin without leaving any oiliness or white powder marks. Works a treat and smells amazing. More than a deodorant balm, this baby should keep you dry for at least a good chunk of your day; reapplication might be necessary depending on what you’re up to or how much you tend to sweat. 

Simply rub a little onto your underarms in the morning and after a shower, and let the ingredients get to work.

1x Aussie Lip Balm (12ml). A naturally soothing, highly nourishing lip balm made from Australian macadamia oil and beeswax, in a 100% compostable push-up tube (Tip: also works great as a barrier balm for all minor cuts, burns & abrasions - beeswax has natural antibacterial, antimicrobial and soothing qualities, while macadamia oil is a superhero when it comes to nourishing skin and helping it heal and regenerate.)

More information on ingredients can be found here.

About big blue cosmetica.

big blue cosmetica is a local Australian all natural skincare business dedicated to sourcing ingredients locally to celebrate Australia’s native botanical diversity and support local producers, as well as ensure the overall carbon footprint of each product is kept to a minimum. This one woman show began 5 years ago driven by founder Tina’s passion for sustainability and conservation, as well as her profound concern for our precious, ever-threatened natural environment. The range of personal care and household products she has since created have been formulated to be as ecologically sustainable and as zero waste as possible, while being highly effective at doing what they are supposed to, with a strong emphasis on caring for sensitive skin types. All products are entirely vegan (with the exception of some products using locally-sourced beeswax), using certified organic ingredients where available and plastic-free packaging, including paper labels printed with plant-based non-toxic inks and adhesives. All items are lovingly handmade in St Kilda, Victoria, and all orders are shipped Australia-wide entirely plastic free with a carbon neutral delivery service.