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This eco-friendly and practical set of a bamboo toothbrush in a travel case is perfect for carrying your toothbrush around and keeping it dry and clean. Both made from high-quality sustainable MOSO bamboo and fully compostable, they offer great alternatives to plastic oral care products. 

The toothbrush handles are ergonomically designed for a good grip and are fully compostable. The soft gentle bristles are made of durable Nylon 6. 

The lightweight travel case features a secure lid and airflow holes at the top and bottom to help keep the toothbrush dry. It's naturally anti-bacterial and fits any bamboo toothbrush.

The set includes 1x bamboo toothbrush and 1x travel case.

Brush It On donate 100% of their profits to conservation projects that protect the world's oceans, forests, and wildlife. You can choose which cause you want to support by selecting your preferred theme.

  • Oceans = Nemo
  • Forests = Tarzan
  • Animals = Lassie


Animal Protection

Created by Marc Allante to free bears from captivity and support bear sanctuaries, Lassie helps World Animal Protection provide rescued bears with vital medication to help them keep them healthy and strong on the road to recovery.

Ocean Preservation

Our oceans need a helping hand! Did you know that plastic rubbish is looking to outweigh fish in our oceans by 2050? All Nemo purchases, in partnership with The Australian Marine Conservation Society, help distribute living plastic-free packs to raise awareness around plastic pollution. Brush It On contribute 100% of their profits from all Nemo purchases to the society's programs, which are focused on keeping oceans healthy and in their most natural state without pollution putting more pressure on them. 

Forest Conservation

Not so fun fact – 4,500 acres of forests are cleared across the planet every hour. Did you know that? Brush It On have partnered with World Land Trust, so that their Tarzan products can support their mission to protect threatened habitats and wildlife that live in these forests. 100% of Brush It On profits from Tarzan purchases contribute to the Buy an Acre programme and create permanently protected nature reserves across the world by buying acres of rainforest. Currently, Buy an Acre funds are helping land purchase in Mexico to protect and save ancient forest habitat for wildlife that are vulnerable.


All orders are processed within 1-3 business days. 

All products are packed in recycled paper boxes and/or envelopes. Brush It On adhere to a strict plastic-free policy and use Australia Post's carbon-neutral parcel delivery.