Meet The Brands



From our coastlines to our forests. From the colours they select to the designs they print. Jeremy and Blake care about sustainability, not only for our environment, but for our minds as well. They’re baru, they’re for the conscious kind. Ethically and emotionally sustainable apparel that's inspired by the Victorian outdoors.

baru is an Australian sustainable fashion brand that's been created by the next generation who are sick of seeing big brands profit off big pollution. From recycled water bottles recovered from our oceans converted into swimshorts, to 100% organic cotton tees and shirts, baru is attempting to make a positive change to the fashion industry. baru is more than just a clothing brand though! For young people, feelings of anxiety, stress and depression are on the rise. Nature can help counter that, which is why a chunk of every sold product goes towards a Making Tracks fund, helping young Aussies to go camping, hiking and beach-tripping.

"No one else quite like you"
- Melissa Mendes - creator/skincare formulator/well-being advocate/loving mother

In a world that is forever progressing, ever changing, where faster is considered better and being busy has become a way of life, bee one of a kind hopes to offer women the opportunity to be at one. 

To be kind to ourselves and to others. 

A reminder that passion and heart can be bottled and preserved in every day. That handmade is not an old fashioned term. It’s about being down to earth. Remembering our roots; where we came from, where we are headed, the example we wish to lead and the footprint we leave behind to our children. 

​Bee one of a kind has a strong focus on sustainability and zero waste. Our packaging is predominately made using recycled glass materials and can be reused and recycled. 

big blue cosmetica is a local Australian all natural skincare business dedicated to sourcing ingredients locally to celebrate Australia’s native botanical diversity and support local producers, as well as ensure the overall carbon footprint of each product is kept to a minimum. This one woman show began 5 years ago driven by founder Tina’s passion for sustainability and conservation, as well as her profound concern for our precious, ever-threatened natural environment.

The range of personal care and household products she has since created have been formulated to be as ecologically sustainable and as zero waste as possible, while being highly effective at doing what they are supposed to, with a strong emphasis on caring for sensitive skin types. All products are entirely vegan (with the exception of some products using locally-sourced beeswax), using certified organic ingredients where available and plastic-free packaging, including paper labels printed with plant-based non-toxic inks and adhesives. All items are lovingly handmade in St Kilda, Victoria, and all orders are shipped Australia-wide entirely plastic free with a carbon neutral delivery service.

Bowral Bee Company is a small family owned Australian business situated in the beautiful Southern Highlands of New South Wales in Australia. David and Nisha started this company as they found a demand for naturally sourced products that were environmentally friendly and sustainable. To reduce their carbon footprint, their products are packaged either in aluminium tins or biodegradable recycled cardboard jars.

Their commitment to the environment will make our future a lot greener. A greener planet means less waste in our oceans and landfill for future generations. 

All products are environmentally friendly, are not tested on animals and there is zero animal cruelty in the making of them - the bees simply do the thing they love doing everyday! 

Proudly Australian Owned and Australian Made.

EveEco Baby is an Australian owned natural baby brand creating plant based products with natural rubber from hevea trees. The products are naturally safe, non toxic, biodegradable and eco-friendly. Through the belief in simple, natural, safe products for both children and the planet, EveEco Baby was born.

Flexi Lexi creates styles that are effortlessly graceful, encourage movement and abound in beauty and wear comfortably all day. Flexi Lexi saw a need to create yoga clothing that focuses on sustainability and performance. They inspire the bigs and the littles to live and enjoy their best, healthy lives, connecting with each other and the planet.

Flexi Lexi brand ethos:

Sustainability - They use recycled plastics in our eco fabric, which now encompasses their entire range. They utilise the equivalent of 25 recycled plastic bottles per pant and 10 bottles per top, whilst still maintaining the same technology and feel their fabrics are known for.

They care about the planet and seek to find ways to reduce their footprint and help make it a greener, cleaner place for all.

Quality - Their fabrics are one of the absolute best in the activewear market utilising a 250 GSM fabric composed of the perfect mix of polyester and spandex to create a fabric that is not only designed for performance, but equally for comfort. 

Fun and Inspiring - They are fun, vibrant and they uplift and inspire the yogi, big or small, in everything they do. 

Flattering - all of the things you hate about ill-fitting activewear they have crafted with their shaping technology to solve. Their fabric has been created with shaping technology that moulds to you, giving you the maximum movement whilst supporting you with a light compression.

They sweat the details, so you can move your way.

Stella, Kotoyo and Aimèe are a small group of Melbourne women with a big dream: change fashion as you know it. They love fashion, it's their dream and their life, but the fashion industry is harmful to our planet. 

They believe in sustainable, beautiful garments that don’t cost a fortune and say ‘thank you’ to the environment. Purchasing stock from different sources (including charity stores and unsold pieces from local brands / boutiques who are closing down), they trial and construct their samples using pre-loved garments. All items are carefully inspected for quality purposes. All garments are either new or have been minimally used, and do not present any sign of wear and tear, including stains, holes and other imperfections.

Gliese 504 are here to show you that alternative business models exist and it's one that won't destroy our environment. They believe in a cleaner, more just and well-dressed world. Gliese is the first step towards their dream, one they work so hard for every single day. 

Issue Clothing was created to make your life easier. They know you have a lot to juggle, and shopping may not be something you have a lot of time, or love, for. Regardless, the team at Issue Clothing believe your wardrobe doesn’t need to be a complicated affair. Style is about fit, confidence, and consistency. It doesn’t have to be fussy but it does take a little planning and forethought. That’s why they exist: To help you create the perfect wardrobe for your life - work, body, and budget.

Issue Clothing believe that when you invest in a piece of clothing it should serve you, not only for a number of different outfits and occasions, but also for more than one season. Their trans-seasonal and timeless styles are created for you to look good and feel fabulous without changing three times before leaving the house!  

They guarantee that a fair and liveable wage is paid to all those who are involved in the construction of their garments, from the design, through sample making, manufacturing, and all the way up to the point where you, the customer, gets your order delivered.

They also consider the environmental impacts of their business and fabric is a big part of this. The garments featured on Pure Objective are made locally in New Zealand from organic cotton, bamboo, sustainably sourced or recycled wool, silk or recycled polyester. Some garments also have blends with small amounts of viscose, elastine and lycra until they can find quality alternatives.

Choosing to avoid "the easy and cheaper option" that is currently the standard in the fashion industry is a challenging endeavor, especially for a small business, however, it is important to the team at Issue Clothing and this will continue to be a focus until they feel that they’ve achieved their goal of a completely ethical and sustainable production process.

Owner Rachael, spent years working in commercial gyms as a trainer and found traditional foam rollers and foam based equipment quickly deteriorated. It was thrown out and replaced with the same cheap foam and the cycle began all over again. She began researching environmentally friendly alternatives but could only ever find overpriced bamboo yoga blocks! 

And so MOBECO was born. Sustainable eco friendly mobility equipment made from environmentally friendly cork. 

MOBECO's Mission is to ensure every mover has access to sustainable, affordable, quality equipment. Equipment that helps move the body freely and easily without impacting the environment.

MOBECO aims to provide durable mobility equipment to ensure the longevity of your body and the earth. ​Being earth conscious should be stylish, look good on you, in your home, office and studio.

Clever design, locally made with an environmental conscience.

Tenille and Fabian believe there's more to furniture than good looks. That's why their pieces are designed and crafted to be around for a long time, not just a good time. To be able to tell a story of their very own. 

Their warehouse in Marrickville, Sydney, houses a team of craftsman with some pretty hard-won skills across timber, metal and stone. 

In the furniture game, sustainability is a word that gets thrown around quite a bit. But for them, its something that deserves more than mere lip service. That's why they're dedicated to reducing their environmental footprint throughout the entire lifecycle of their products. From the way they design, to sourcing materials, right through to production and waste management, they've been taking steps to minimise their environmental impact. 


Charis created Silk Wolfe when she was working as an assistant buyer for an Australian women's wear boutique in the Sydney CBD. She wanted to create a timeless brand with pieces that were on trend but could also be worn again and again without going out of fashion. She also wanted Silk Wolfe to be a little fun as well, which is why every collection has an exclusive print.

From working in retail for close to eight years she firmly believes that she knows what the Australian consumer wants when it comes to fashion and is constantly trying to encompass that within the label.

Silk Wolfe is not a fast fashion brand. Charis brings out a new collection each year as she wants her pieces to be something you wear for years to come.

Buy well, buy once.

Based in Thailand, Single Origin Skincare is a social enterprise driven by the fundamental principles of sustainable practices to protect the environment and community. They reclaim used coffee grounds from cafes, treat it and blend it with premium ingredients to create luxury, organic and affordable skincare.

Single Origin Skincare works with coffee growers to reduce the waste generated from the bean to the cup and brings together ethical, organic and sustainable practices with opportunity and support for those that are part of this global commodity.

“Single Origin Skincare has managed to reclaim 1500kg of used ground coffee from making its way to landfill in the last six months, saving approximately 150kg of CO2 and methane from rising into the atmosphere." Dean Sprague – Founder of Single Origin Skincare

Each year, two billion pairs of tights are produced, worn a few times and then discarded. Landfills everywhere are full of poorly made and cheap non-biodegradable textiles – and it’s getting worse. Nylon yarn, which is currently used to produce most modern pantyhose, is created from an environmentally harmful petroleum-based manufacturing process that is not only bad for the planet, but also produces pantyhose that don’t last.

These harmful practices in the fashion industry are all too common. we believe the world needs more innovative and environmentally conscious products to lead the way, and so Swedish Stockings was launched. A forerunner in sustainably produced nylon stockings, Swedish Stockings produce beautiful pantyhose from recycled yarn. Our factories engage in sustainable practises including the use of environmentally friendly dyes, post-dyeing water treatment and the use of solar power for much of the energy needed in the manufacturing process.