Our vision is to remove the negative impact of harmful processes and products on the planet and its inhabitants.


Founded by two passionate Australian women, Pure Objective brings together a collection of designers who share a fundamental philosophy to do good for the world, but also ensure that we also look good and feel good!).  Our vision will be accomplished by:

1. Bringing together a community of like-minded people...

…who are leading the way by designing, producing, manufacturing, packaging and delivering a range of products using sustainable and ethical practices. Items featured on our site must be sustainable and ethically produced to ensure our collective footprint on the world is minimised. By supporting and purchasing on our site, you become part of our community and know you're doing your bit to minimise the impact we have on the environment. 

 2. Amplifying the voice of sustainable businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Beyond..

Across the globe there are so many wonderful businesses that create quality, well-designed sustainable products and we just love partnering with them. By bringing together these like-minded businesses on a single platform, we are able to focus on strengthening brand awareness and increasing customer reach. Pure Objective invests 100% of profits back into our business to amplify the voice of our partners and facilitate growth.  

 3. Helping people make conscious purchasing choices...

We would love to see people using items that minimise the negative impact we have on the environment. We also appreciate that no one is perfect and often we don't have the head space or time to source a more sustainable alternative. Our site has been designed to make it easier for you to make conscious, informed choices when buying online and as we grow our community of amazing brands, you'll be presented with a wider range of items to reduce the need to search endlessly online for reputable, quality brands.  

If you know a fabulous brand that fits this ethos then let us know!