Our vision is to remove the negative impact of harmful processes and products on the planet and its inhabitants.


Founded by two passionate Australian women, Pure Objective brings together a collection of designers who share a fundamental philosophy to do good for the world, but also ensure that we also look good and feel good!).  Our vision will be accomplished by:

1. Bringing together a community of like-minded people...

…who are leading the way by designing, producing, manufacturing, packaging and delivering a range of products using sustainable and ethical practices. Items featured on our site must be sustainable and ethically produced to ensure our collective footprint on the world is minimised. By supporting and purchasing on our site, you become part of our community and know you're doing your bit to minimise the impact we have on the environment. 

 2. Amplifying the voice of sustainable businesses in Australia, New Zealand and Beyond..

Across the globe there are so many wonderful businesses that create quality, well-designed sustainable products and we just love partnering with them. By bringing together these like-minded businesses on a single platform, we are able to focus on strengthening brand awareness and increasing customer reach. Pure Objective invests 100% of profits back into our business to amplify the voice of our partners and facilitate growth.  

 3. Helping people make conscious purchasing choices...

We would love to see people using items that minimise the negative impact we have on the environment. We also appreciate that no one is perfect and often we don't have the head space or time to source a more sustainable alternative. Our site has been designed to make it easier for you to make conscious, informed choices when buying online and as we grow our community of amazing brands, you'll be presented with a wider range of items to reduce the need to search endlessly online for reputable, quality brands.  

If you know a fabulous brand that fits this ethos then let us know!


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Our mantra is...

Look Good Do Good Feel Good™️



There are amazing sustainable and ethically produced products out there and it's our mission to bring them to you. At Pure Objective we offer a range of quality, well-designed items which look good and also reduce the negative impact on our environment (bonus!)



The businesses we partner with are passionate about sustainability. Our partners literally do good by using recycled, up-cycled or sustainable materials, making products locally, minimising water wastage and packaging, and so on. By supporting these businesses you also become part of our network to do good.



There is an undeniable global shift towards sustainable and ethical business practices. At Pure Objective we want you to feel good, not only because we believe the products featured here are incredible, but because you should feel good knowing you are minimising your footprint and supporting designers with a common cause.



Who are we?





I've always been closely connected to the environment having spent my first four years in Papua New Guinea and with a father who, having read botany at university, fuelled my curiosity with the natural world. Growing up in Sydney, my parents always encouraged outdoor play and sports. I continue to get close to nature with my passion for rowing taking me to the water before dawn and by taking every opportunity to get out of the concrete jungle to the countryside or beaches. My interest in the betterment of the environment and communities accelerated when I had the rare chance to meet Sir David Attenborough and after completing a social enterprise course as part of my master’s degree, where I met Winnie. From that point on, we were committed to making a positive impact on the world and Pure Objective was born.



I was born in the USA but I grew up in Sydney, Australia since the age of five. As one of five daughters, most of my childhood was spent doing exactly what kids did in the 'pre-mobile phone' era - camping, hiking, climbing trees and riding bikes. My parents have always been keen advocates for nature and animals, and whilst I grew up in suburban Sydney, our daily routine composed of collecting fresh eggs from the chooks in the morning and picking vegetables from the enormous vegetable patch in the afternoon for dinner. I consider myself energetic and outgoing; I simply love good fashion, good food and good company. Supporting local business, particularly those doing great things for the environment, was a philosophy instilled in me ever since I was little and it is this philosophy that lies at the core of Pure Objective. As two like minded individuals, Emma and I have come together to co-create this exciting company and with our partner suppliers, we look forward to collectively playing a part in reducing the negative impacts that humans are having on the environment and its inhabitants.